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The 2015-2016 academic calendars for Weldon High School, Weldon Middle School, Weldon Elementary School and RVEC are available by clicking on this link.  Calendars

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WHS Senior Banquet 2015, a Success!

Weldon High Schools Class of 2015 Senior Banquet was a success. The Charger Family was excited in anticipation of Saturday morning's climax. India Boone and Myesha Smith were the hostess' for the evening as presentations were made for CTE achievements throughout the year. Ms. Burton presented several Principal Awards to deserving students including, Chavon Gary, Deon Wiggins, Shekerie Brooks, Daveon Shearin and Brandon Threat. Mr. Hall, Interim Superintendent, presented Patrice Bennett with the Superintendent's Award. Patrice also received a 10,000 dollar scholarship from the State Employee's Credit Union (SECU). Mrs. Whitaker, WHS guidance counselor, explained that the 37 candidates for graduation had been offered over 600,000 dollars in scholarship money from various educational institutions throughout the country. The highlight of the evening was the heartfelt expressions from parents and staff members. Patricia Bennett (parent) explained she was concerned about sending Patrice to WHS but looking back it was the best thing to happen to her. She explained her daughter had blossomed into a beautiful young woman and she was proud of her. Tomeka Fields emotionally stated WHS took her daughter in and embraced her with love and she flourished to where she is today. Earlene Smith stated Myesha didn't want to come to WHS but after getting here she adjusted and is now prepared for graduation. Marva Wiggins told the crowd her son transferred in from another school and did a total three sixty and she was so proud of him. She also stated never loose your "Charger Pride". Mrs. Matte' and Colonel McGeachy explained the formula for success and shared from their life experiences. Mrs. Matte' explained her humble beginnings and how she came to this country. She explained that the students needed to be persistent and make goals for themselves. Colonel explained the kids needed to be trailblazers for students to come. They needed to persevere to achieve and meet their goals. Thanks to ALL WCS and WHS family members for making this journey possible for the senior class of 2015. Special thanks to Ms. Grant, Ms. Fennell, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Wiggins, Mrs. Neville and Mrs. McGee.
Photos from Charger Land!
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